Del and Vicky's Wedding at City Hall

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Licence to Thrill


Tim. Vicky and Del applying for the licence. Shirley and Alec.

Meg. Dummies guide to Marriage. Dummies.

Del and Vicky signing up. The Hugo Boss look. The Armani look. Del and Vicky on the staircase.




Alec, Vicky, Del, and Shirley.      

The Wedding


Del getting married. Vicky getting married.

Hands. Dell and Vicky getting married.

Mr and Mrs. Certified. Mr and Mrs Del and Vicky.

Shirley, Del, Vicky, and Alec.


Del, Vicky and Eric. Tim, Meg, Del, Vicky, and Eric. Tim, Meg, Del, Vicky, Alec, and Shirley.  

Before They Kicked Us Out


Hiding. The 20s' look.

The distant look.


Being silly.


Another kiss. Del and Vicky on the balcony.

First fight Del and Vicky at City Hall.


Shades of love.  
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