Australia, 2007

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Tim, Meg and David at dinner. Christine, Andrew, Meg, David, Adrian, Tim, Vanessa and Luton at dinner. Tim on the steps of Sydney Opera House. Meg with the Harbour Bridge behind her.

CentrePoint from below... CentrePoint from above.




Drinks with Adrian.      

Brisbane and Surrounds


Raline, Jill, Meg and Tim. Edward watching the paint dry on his WarHammer 40,000 figurines. The finished article. Daniela, Andrei, Meg, Tim, Nena, Simon, David and Oliver.

Easter Sunday lunch with the Fagans. Tim, Meg, Kim, Kate and George. Kookaburra. Wallaby with Joey in pouch.

Sulphur Crested Cockatoos. Lorikeets. Optical illusions in the Children's Science Museum.




Edward's head on a platter.      

Townsville and Surrounds


Magnetic Island. Old Holden. Surf Lifesaver Flags on Magnetic Island. Us.

Meg in front of the Betzel mural in Bowen, which shows her great-great-grandparents. Horseshoe Bay, Bowen.

The road from Bowen to Ayr. Anyone for tennis?.




ANZAC Day march.      

Diving on the Wreck of the S.S.Yongala


School of bigeye snapper. Tim between dives. School of fish.

A coral with a Featherstar on it. Tide's out! Walking back up Alva beach after diving.



Tim (on the right) helping to push-start the van to get back to the dive-shop.    
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