Gill and Don's visit

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Day trip to the Napa Valley wineries


We started the trip by crossing the Golden Gate bridge, and stopped on the Marin Headlands side to admire its beauty. San Francisco under clouds. Our first stop in Napa was the Viansa winery. There had been a great deal of rain the month before Gill and Don arrived, so the land was very wet and very green.

It is amazing how a few wine tastings put a smile on your face! Our second stop was the V. Satui winery Thankfully Timothy was driving at that point.

Our last stop was Robert Mondavi's winery. There was a little rain throughout the day, but not enough to dampen alcoholic spirits.


Day trip to Muir Woods and San Francisco Beach


The day started with a stop at the San Francisco end of the Golden Gate Bridge.

By the time we arrived at Muir Woods, the rain had cleared up. A horsetail fern. The giant redwoods often grow in what are called 'family circles'. Even after the dead wood within a tree is burned out by fire, the tree can continue to live and grow.



San Francisco's beach is not to be confused with the Southern Californian beaches of Bay Watch!    

Day trip to Monterey Aquarium


During lunch at El Toritos we were entertained by a sea otter feeding in the Monterey Bay. These Australian jellyfish were as far away from home and Gill and Don.


Tiny white jellies. These jellyfish were luminescent.  

Around San Francisco



The weather only continued to improve for the remaining days of Gill and Don's visit. Views of the San Francisco Bay do marvels for these property prices.  
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