Bahamas, Thanksgiving 2010

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For Thanksgiving we headed down to the Bahamas for some scuba diving. Our first dive site was Shipyard, where this colourful Coney had made its home. Hiding below one of the wrecks was this Green Moray Eel. Vestigal guard rails on an overturned ship. Margaret behind the the propeller of a ship resting on its side.

Our second dive was at Lighthouse Reef. Here we see a Blue Parrot Fish... pining for the fjords. A Sting Ray gliding gracefully through the water. Margaret gliding gracefully through the water. A smaller ray hiding in the sand.

Beautiful corals appeared to spring forth from the concrete bollards of the artificial reef. A Squirrelfish. The next day we dived the Lost Blue Hole, a two-hundred foot deep hole in the bottom of the sea floor. One-hundred feet below the surface, looking back up, only our bubbles escape the stygian darkness of this underwater cenote. A Bahamian Lobster lurking deep within the pit.

Returning to the seabed, we found a Nurse Shark awaiting us. On our last dive, at Barracuda Shoals, we fed the fish, which made us very popular with them. These Plume Worms, no larger than a finger nail, reminded us of little Christmas trees. An Angel Fish.

A Nassau Grouper. Margaret's turn to feed the fish. Back ashore it was time to relax island style. Apparently, we didn't get each others' memos about t-shirt colours that day.

On our final day we visited Fort Fincastle. One side of the fort was architected to be reminiscent of a ship's prow. Once the highest point on New Providence, the fort's canon defended Nassau's port. Man the cannon!



A perfect end to a perfect Thanksgiving get-away.    
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