2015 Trip to Costa Rica

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Volcan Arenal



Timothy and Margaret before the the cone of the dormant volcano in Parque National Volcan Arenal. One of the fifty species of humimngbird to be found in Costa Rica. The natural thermal springs of Volcan Arenal made for a relaxing end to our day.  



A night tour of the Monteverde cloud forest revealed a menagerie of nocturnal fauna, including this hunting Tarantula. A Mot Mot in a reserve at Monteverde. The Strangler Fig enwraps its host until its victim dies and rots away, leaving a hollow centre. Inside the Strangler Fig.

Emerald Toucanette in Monteverde. An Agouti in Monteverde. An intrepid hunter and her prey: the Mot Mot.

Her quary captured. Another species of hummingbird. Hummingbird feeders at Hidden Canopy Treehouses hotel attracted lots of natives. View from Hidden Canopy Treehouses.


Hummingbirds wings beat on average fifty times per second! Exploring the cloud forest in Monteverde.  

Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio


Scarlet Macaws, paired for life. Poolside iguana at our hotel near Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio. A spider in Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio. A Three Toed Sloth.

A Howler Monkey. A Brown Basilisk lizard. The park contains several beautiful beaches. Hot and humid on the trails of Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio, the gentle waters of the Pacific beakoning beyond.

Squirrel Monkey planning its route to our hotel room balcony. A Fiery-billed Aracari from our hotel room balcony. Taking in the view over the Pacific from our hotel. Enjoying a mangrove river tour.

The mangroves are home to a variety of animals, including this Capuchin Monkey. A Whimbrel. A Yellow-crowned Night-Heron. A Green-backed Heron fishing.



A Roadside Hawk. Sunset over the Pacific.    
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