Miscellaneous Photos from 2011

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January (check out our Hawai'i trip.)


April (check out our Middle East trip.)




For the Memorial Day long weekend, we visisted Boston and walked the Freedom Trail starting at the state house. Granary Burying Ground is one of the oldest graveyards in Boston and has tombstones predating the United States. The USS Constitution is the oldest commissioned warship in the world. Below deck forty-four guns stare out over a peaceful Charleston Navy Yard.

For Memorial Day, Boston Common became home to a field of US flags. Each flag represents a Massachusetts service man or woman who fell since World War I. It was perfect weather for strolling through Boston Public Garden. Swans nesting under a shady tree in the garden.




George Washington.      




During a picnic in Brooklyn's Prospect Park we were introduced the the Viking game of Kubb. So much concentration. So little results. Meg's cousin Krissy visited with David, Max and Zoe.  



For Fourth of July long weekend we escaped to Bermuda for a spot of diving. Timothy suddenly realized we're in the Bermuda Trianlge! Meg cool as a sea cucumber. A winch on the wreck of the Minnie Breslauer, a convenient mooring point for our dive boat.

Our second dive was on the site filmed in the movie The Deep. The reef was home to a multitude of fish. A Flamingo Tongue snail hanging out on a coral branch. There's actually a shell under that colourful mantle.

A telecommunications cable, home to opportunistic brain corals. Just like Blighty, but with sun. Meg placed fifth in the Vet 40-49 Women's Foil. Jeanne, a friend originally from San Francisco, came all the way from Norway to compete.




Meg's veteran team (3Ms & a Bee) placed fourth.      



At the end of Summer we flew South to the lovely city of Buenos Aires. We went to BA with our friends Del & Vicky. BA is a city of art and music.

Don't cry for me Argentina. The colourful buildings of La Boca, closely connected with the history of Tango. The obligatory BA pigeon photo. Portenos party late. Hanging with Vicky's friends.

The main event was the wedding of Vicky's cousin Hernan and Victoria. The reception lasted all night. At 3 AM carnaval carioca commences with party hats for all! On our last day in BA we visited Confiteria Ideal for a Tango lesson.


Goodbye to Argentine and the Obelisk of BA. Back in Manhattan, we were visited by both our Australian friend Sarah, and Meg's aunt Pamela, and cousins Sophie and Sarah. Our last evening of Sarah's visit, dinner at Le Bernadin.  
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