Miscellaneous Photos from 2010

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Anne, Pauline, Del elder and Del younger celebrating Del elder's birthday in Cleveland. Meg and Tim at the birthday party.    



The end of February was punctuated with a snow storm, so we bid winter farewell with a walk in Central Park. Much of the appeal of Central Park is the juxtaposition of nature and metropolis. Eski-meg. Just a quick pair of snowmen we whipped up earlier.



The Mall - no shops here. A snow angel.    






Meg won the North American Cup veteran Women's Foil in Dallas!      



The Kings and the Fagans eating out South-of-the-border style. James Fagan 1922-2010, you are missed. The Fagan clan celebrating Easter Sunday. A week later in Townsville with Fay and Graham.

Tim and Meg before the iconic Sydney Opera House. Enjoying dinner in Sydney with friends. Spring arrived in fits and starts, but by the end of April the Brooklyn Botanical Garden was in full bloom. The cherry blossoms are the main attraction.

However, there are many other garden beds and tree lined boulevards. It's OK to be an invidivual. Tim's favourite individual.




Made in the shade.      





Timothy's cousin Angela from Northern Ireland, was visiting New York, so after dinner we enjoyed a walk in the beautiful summer night. Just a few weeks later we spent a lovely evening with Timothy's second cousin Liz, visiting from England. Once again, the weather was absolutely gorgeous.    




The view of downtown Manhattan from the ferry on our way to the Brooklyn IKEA. Did we mention how nice the weather was? Fortunately the good weather held for Timothy's company's summer picnic. There were lots of activities,including the wacky olympics. Meg was excellent in the sack race. Everyone had a lot of fun, though having our team win the day made it all the more fun!  



The Chrysler Building, a marvelous example of art deco architecture, is beautiful on a sunny day. The Chrysler Building juxtaposed an iconic New York fire escape. On the same day we moved to midtown our friends Vicky and Del visited from San Francisco. Later that week we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge together. The arches of the Brooklyn Bridge, metres above the rush of cars.

Vicky and Del joined us in watching the US Open one evening. As the sun set over Manhattan, the tennis heated up. First up was Venus Williams.

Second up was Rafael Nadal. Vicky and Margaret with Arthur Ashe Stadium behind them. Later in the week we had dinner with Vicky and Del at Craft Bar. Thanks again guys for your invaluable help in unpacking and setting up our beautiful new apartment. Evening falls on the rooftop of our new apartment building.



Del and Timothy RC yatching in Central Park. Fifteen men on the dead man's chest, Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!    



Meg came second in the veteran women's foil in Cincinnati. For Halloween we went on an away mission to a party in Brooklyn. There were plenty of spooky guests, such as the corpse bride... ... the living dead...

... and the mummies... ... however, there were equally imaginative, less ghoulish costumes too, such as this fetching Nefertiti... ...the not so fetching Frieda... ...and the Hindu deities Krishna and Shiva.






We celebrated Christmas with our friends in San Francisco.      
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