Miscellaneous Photos from 2009

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In 2009 everyone will be wearing these! Vicky, Karen, Del, Tim and Meg at Les Halles. Meg not feeling like the thinest girl in the room. Tim with the iron-nickle Willamette meteorite.

Del, Vicky, Karen, Meg and Tim at the American Museum of Natural History. Karen, Tim, Meg, Del and Vicky eating Argentine. Karen, Tim, Meg, Del and Vicky eating Argentine. A good time was had by all.







The Westminster Dog Show held at Madison Square Garden. Dalmatians in the ring. Old English Sheepdog. Beagle.

American Eskimo Dog. French Bulldog. Standard Poodle. Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Chihuahua. Chinese Crested. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Great Dane.


Brittany. Kiss and cry at the end of the Sporting Group. Margaret came 8th in the veteran women's open foil in Atlanta, Georgia.  



Central Park on a beautiful spring day. During a visit to Philadelphia we saw the famous Liberty Bell. Our friends from Easter Island, Richard and Dennis, live just outside of Philadelphia in an amazing house.

In preparation for our trip to Africa, we visited the Bronx zoo to practice our photography. "All hail the New York Giants!" (from the movie Madagascar)








Timothy stayed with Vicky and Del when he visited San Francisco for JavaOne. New York's Gay Pride parade. Remembering Stonewall. Congregations from every religion religion participated in the parade.




Fourth of July fireworks over the Hudson river. Psychadelic fireworks, courtesy of handshake. Margaret came 5th in the veteran 40-49 women's foil in Grapevine, Texas.  




We visited the USS Intrepid, a WWII aircraft carrier serving as a museum. The flight deck and the hanger displayed thirty aircraft from different nations, including a Concord and a Blackbird.  




We visited San Francisco for Alex and Shirley's birthdays, and kicked it off with a night a Teatro Zinzanni, where costume and face decoration were all the rage. It was wonderful for Alex and Shirley to have their family with them for the birthday party. Vicky decorated their cake with their combined age.  





Margaret went to Brisbane to celebrate her friend Jill's wedding. It was a great opportunity to catch up with good friends.    
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