Miscellaneous Photos from 2008

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January (don't forget to check out our Guatemala and Belize trip.)






An out-of-focus Tim joins the "huddled masses yearning to breathe free." Funny how all my flags are red, white and blue. Perhaps I'm French at heart!    



Looking back at the San Francisco Ferry Building as we pulled away across the bay. It was a calm crossing, not that a hurricane would have kept Del awake! We disembarked at Sausalito and, after lunch, enjoyed a stroll around the beautiful town.







Carnival is held in May in San Francisco, when the weather is a little warmer. The main attraction is the parade. There were acrobats. Among the most elaborate costumes were those of the Central American Indians.

Margaret's friend, Annaliese, danced with a group called the Hot Pink Feathers.

A dancer showing off her tail feathers.


After the parade, we visited the bustling street fair.  

July - we finally made our move to New York.


Vicky and Del hosted a combination farewell/new Americans party. Here we are with our long-time friends Rick, Joanne, and Sandra. Three new Americans (waving the flags), and one soon to be. Next came Margaret's work farewell dinner. Then Margaret's last night at S-Factor in San Francisco.

Then farewell to the Halberstadt fencers. Then Timothy's farewell lunch with his work colleagues. And finally a quiet dinner with Shefali, Bikram, Vicky and Del. After settling into our temporary apartment, we walked the few blocks to Times Square.




The view from our apartment window, brought to you by the cool, refreshing taste of Heineken.      



On our first weekend in Manhattan we took a cruise around the island, replete with skyscrapers. Perhaps the most recognisable image from the United States. The Manhattan Bridge.

On our second weekend, we visted the Northern end of Central Park.

Some smart alec asked us if there were no squirrels where we come from. We answered 'No, the kangaroos ate them all!' This is not the Hudson or the East River, but rather a view of the Upper East Side across a lake in Central Park. The third weekend, we took a bus ride around New York. Possibly the most beautiful building in New York, the Chrysler Building.

The Rockefeller Center Observation Deck provides the most amazing views of the city. Even the Empire State Building doesn't look so tall from up there.

Looking downtown. Looking down on Saint Patrick's Cathedral. And later inside the catherdral where a wedding was being celebrated.

The Financial District from the Manhattan Bridge. Times Square, once more, at night. Radio City Music Hall. The Chrysler Building at night.

A chandelier above the main concourse of Grand Central railway station. Not far from our new apartment is the Conservatory Water, where you can rent radio controlled sailboats. It was a hot day, so a nice, cold Italian ice was in order. Resting in the shade after an Italian ice put a smile on Margaret's face.

On the last official weekend of summer, we went to the Central Park Zoo. In the children's petting zoo the animals, though not particularly exotic, were happy to see us. You'd think they were scared of the water or something! A beautiful Golden Lion Tamarin watched passers by from above.

The tropical aviary was awash with colour. It looked like this snake had tied himself into a knot.

This snake reminded Margaret of Harry Potter's adventures. After the zoo we roamed around the Southern end of the park and discovered the Bethesda fountain. Our friend Jennifer joined us for the day.







On the Labor Day public holiday we went to Coney Island. Against Margaret's advice we rode on the Cyclone, and were sore for days after! That week we went to an evening match at the US Open at Flushing Meadows. It was a full house at center court.

All come to watch Fernando Gonzalez and Andy Roddick duke it out. Gonzalez gave his best... ...but the match went to Roddick. We celebrated Vicky's birthday in absentia.

One weekend, on the way to Ellis Island, we stopped off on Liberty Island for a photo opportunity. Forty percent of US citizens can trace their family back to immigrants who came through the Great Hall on Ellis Island. This simple mosaic in Central Park, near where John Lennon was murdered, attracts a steady stream of people of all ages.




Passers by stopped to enjoy a jazz quartet.      



One sunny afternoon we visited the Statten Island Bottanical Gardens. There were many different types of gardens, including a butterfly garden. Time to go home.

Sarah and Meg in the West Village. Sarah and Tim in a West Village cafe. Every year there is an enormous Halloween parade in the Village in New York.

Aren't you a little short for a storm trooper Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, You're My Only Hope.




November (don't forget to check out our Chile and Argentina trip.)


The Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade is best known for its giant balloons. The parade is attended in person by 3.5 million people!

To infinity... and beyond! And now for a word from our sponsor.

Horton, one of three new balloons this year, measured in at sixty feet long, over thirty feet wide, and over forty feet tall.



The parade always ends with Santa Claus, ushering in the Christmas season. After the parade we walked home through Central Park.    



Meg and Edward high above the Thames on the London Eye. Tim, Edward and Michael riding the London Eye. Tower of St. Stephen, the home of Big Ben, with Westminster Abbey in the background. Coming up from the London Underground.

Tower bridge opening for traffic on the Thames. Nephews with a Beefeater. Edward, Meg and Michael drew guard duty at the Tower of London. Tim, Meg, Edward, Michael, Cathy, Ross and Peter sightseeing.


Ten past twelve... ... time for lunch! The TARDIS!  
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