Miscellaneous Photos from 2006

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Last chance to ski that season ... ... so we went to Northstar at Lake Tahoe, California.  






Margaret only came second, but the chocolate tasted the same as first!      



Margaret's Auntie Gill and Uncle Don visited. Up North in Napa tasting wines... ... reminiscent of Australia... ... and of the old country.






Margaret's team wins gold, but no chocolate.      



My cousin Jonny visited, and we took Jonny around the local sights, including Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39. Cousins. Jonny took a photo of us together. Timothy's work had a go-karting team building exercise.




We had a small dinner party later that month to get together with friends.      





Del and Vicky's San Francisco wedding. Be sure to check out the pictures. Del and Vicky's Italian wedding, followed by our holiday along the Dalmatian cast of Croatia. Be sure to check out these pictures too.    



Margaret enjoying a sunny day shopping in Sonoma with friends. It was 110 degrees Fahrenheit, 43 Celsius, but Shirley was looking cool in the shade. Vicky strikes a pose. Meg and Tim and work mates at Go Karting.




Meg and Tim's dinner party with friends.      





During our visit to Utah to see Lou and Tim, we got in a day of skiing at Snowbird.    






Margaret looking like a Cheshire cat after polishing off all the cup cakes at the Chefs' Party.      
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